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Chemical Dynamics LLC is a full-service paint and coatings consulting firm that provides an array of services for the paints and coatings industries, their suppliers, customers and coaters. View our Services.

Product Development

Coatings Product Development

Let us show you how we can help you, whether it is with an idea, bringing a formulated product from concept to commercialization, or perfecting an existing product.

Chemical Coatings Testing

The team of chemists at Chemical Dynamics assists coatings companies, coating applicators and end users by analyzing paint, powder coatings, aerosols, and specialty coatings. 

Coatings Expert Witness

We provide chemical coatings expert witness and legal testimony on matters concerning paint, liquid and powder coatings, solvents as they relate to paints, painting operations, paint processing, coating failures, product liability.

Frequently asked Questions

Since 2004, Chemical Dynamics has specialized in many areas that have benefited hundreds of businesses worldwide. Whether it is Paint Product Development or Coatings Consulting, we are the leaders in the field with decades of experience. Our body of expertise can serve you well in a number of different arenas.

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You can contact us at info@chemicaldynamics.net or by phone at 734-233-3084

We welcome you to peruse our Testimonials & Case Studies pages to learn more about the many successes our clients have enjoyed over the years.

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We have over 25 years of Upper Level Management experience providing expert chemical consulting.


An enthusiastic team is always here to help and provide support.


Our researchers & chemists ensure you get the optimum results.

What we can do for you

Companies as wide ranging as Paul Reed Smith Guitars and Ford Motor Company have relied on Chemical Dynamics to dramatically improve their product performance with innovative coating products.

Corporations have sought our counsel from throughout the world, including the United States, Mexico, Canada, Saudi Arabia, India, Israel, China, France, the Netherlands, England, and South Korea, to name a few. 

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