Ronald Lewarchik was awarded over 50 U.S. and Foreign patents over the last thirty years. Published in the’Industrial Finishing’ and ‘Product Finishing’ magazines, Journal of ACS, Internationally recognized speaker at ECCA in Brussels, POSCO International Automotive Symposium in S. Korea, and the NCCA in the USA. Here is a listing of some of his recent achievements:

R.J.Lewarchik • Inventor/Coinventor
1. 6,602,552 Low temperature cure coating composition and method therefore
2. 6,485,781 Metal roofing shingle stock and method for making it
3. 5,972,471 Decorative coating with textured pattern
4. 5,858,506 Decorative coating with textured pattern
5. 5,852,162 Low molecular weight hydroxy functional polyesters for coatings
6. 5,840,827 Low molecular weight hydroxy functional polyesters for coatings
7. 5,688,598 Non-blistering thick film coating compositions and method for providing non-blistering thick film coatings on metal surfaces
8. 5,623,027 Silicone-modified aliphatic polyester
9. 5,516,549 Method of applying a striated coating
10. 5,484,842 UV-stable, water-borne polyester compositions
11. 5,342,871 Clear hydrophilic coating for heat exchanger fins
12. 5,340,870 Fast dry waterborne traffic marking paint
13. 5,262,494 Hard, flexible, and durable architectural coating
14. 5,211,989 Clear hydrophilic coating for heat exchanger fins
15. 5,185,403 Thermosetting acrylic polymers and coating compositions containing said acrylic polymers and fluorocarbon resins
16. 4,720,403 Anticorrosive coating compositions
17. 4,560,728 Thermally cured topcoats on vacuum deposited metal
18. 4,532,021 Adherent ultraviolet cured coatings
19. 4,530,977 Low temperature-curing polyester urethane systems
20. 4,526,939 Thermosetting coating compositions for the sealing of fiber reinforced plastics
21. 4,518,746 Polyester oligomer and high solids thermosetting coatings
22. 4,504,374 Ultraviolet cured coating method to provide stone chip resistance
23. 4,481,093 Ultraviolet curable basecoats for vacuum metallization
24. 4,416,750 Ultraviolet curable basecoats for vacuum metallization
25. 4,317,894 Low temperature cure coating compositions
26. 4,314,918 Coating compositions containing organic alcoholic reactive diluents
27. 4,252,935 Esters of diglycidyl polyethers of hydrogenated phenols and coating compositions containing same
28. 4,228,294 Esters of imidazolidinedione-based diepoxides and coating compositions containing same
29. 4,221,891 Esters of imidazolidinedione-based triepoxides and coating compositions containing same
30. 4,218,355 Low organic solvent-containing polyester coating compositions
31. 4,206,104 N,N-‘-Dihydroxyalkyl ester substituted imidazolidinediones and coating compositions containing same
32. 4,187,380 Esters of imidazolidinedione-based triepoxides
33. 4,174,337 Hydroxy-functional esters of substituted imidazolidinediones and compositions containing same

Martin Rea Fuel Filler Tube Repair


Martinrea International, a leading supplier of automotive fuel handling components and hoses to the automotive industry, was seeking a water born conductive, environmentally compliant paint finish for application on fuel filler tubes. At the time they contacted Chemical Dynamics, no such product existed.


Chemical Dynamics, in close cooperation with Martinrea, developed an innovative, patented product called Infinicoat.


Infinicoat meets rigorous automotive specifications and is currently used on several domestic and international automobiles. Infinicoat was also a PACE automotive new product finalist in 2011.

Rust Erase Product Resolves Your Rust Issues

Conventional coatings that are applied to rusty metal require several preparatory steps that include removal of rust and scale by sanding, scrapping or sand blasting, followed by surface cleaning with solvent and/or detergent and then metal treatment to provide a surface for paint bonding. Rust Erase is a revolutionary new coating that penetrates & encapsulates rust without the need for prep or sanding.

Rust erase is a single component polymeric penetrant that does not need any mixing or reduction with solvents and is applied with or without surface preparation over rusty, scaly steel or non-oxidized metal. Unlike conventional paint technologies, Rust Erase penetrates and bonds to the base metal surface, polymerizes and then adheres tenaciously to provide a long lasting protective finish and proven protection in aggressive corrosion testing- used with or without a topcoat.

Lastly, Rust Erase is patent pending as it represents a significant technological breakthrough.