Rust Erase Product Resolves Your Rust Issues

Conventional coatings that are applied to rusty metal require several preparatory steps that include removal of rust and scale by sanding, scrapping or sand blasting, followed by surface cleaning with solvent and/or detergent and then metal treatment to provide a surface for paint bonding. Rust Erase is a revolutionary new coating that penetrates & encapsulates rust without the need for prep or sanding.

Rust erase is a single component polymeric penetrant that does not need any mixing or reduction with solvents and is applied with or without surface preparation over rusty, scaly steel or non-oxidized metal. Unlike conventional paint technologies, Rust Erase penetrates and bonds to the base metal surface, polymerizes and then adheres tenaciously to provide a long lasting protective finish and proven protection in aggressive corrosion testing- used with or without a topcoat.

Lastly, Rust Erase is patent pending as it represents a significant technological breakthrough.